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Are you a company, association, organisation or even an individual with great data that you want to monitise?

You could apply to sell your aggregated data on the Forte Data Marketplace, and gain exposure to millions of new customers.

Sellers who list their products on the Forte Data Marketplace enjoy many benefits. Their products instantly get additional attention and demand. Products listed on the Forte Data Marketplace are also eligible for the unique benefits, including multi BI demand and subscription-based servies.

When selling on Forte Data Marketplace, your data products may be presented alongside products sold by other sellers and by Forte Data itself. The prominence of your products displayed on the website will be determined by various factors, including their popularity, price competitiveness, design, your seller performance, and other factors. 

How to join the Forte Data
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Why join the Forte Data
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Australia’s premier data destination

Join a growing number of companies and associations looking to monitise data in a new way. New way to generate sales by having access to the Forte Data platform. We work with all groups that have quality data that will delight our customers.

Paying Customer

Leading Customer Experience

Our premium platform uses the latest smarts to give customers a tailored and world-class experience, including recommending and presenting products to customers that are most likely to buy them. If your products are in demand, we can help ensure the right customers see them!


Australia’s premier data destination

With a growing number of visitors coming to Forte Data every day, not only can we provide significant exposure for all your data, Forte Data runs regular promotions to its customers, and sellers can participate. Boost your cashflow with our comprehensive marketing options, ranging from email promotions through to major events like Black Friday, Boxing Day and more.

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Partner Relationships

Our partners are valued for their quality and reliability, and we build long-lasting partnerships with each and every one of them. We aim for a mutually beneficial win-win-partnerships and our dedicated team works directly with our partners to ensure a win for our customers, a win for our partners and a win for our business.

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Australia’s premier data destination

Forte Data is positioning itself on becoming the premier destination in Australia for anyone that is looking for data.

With a limited number of places to purchase data available in Excel and other BI format.