Data Driven Collaboration

Data is the new untapped oil of the 21st Century. 

Data is an immensely untapped valuable asset that companies need to fundamentally needs to extract and use it for there to be huge rewards.

Through the digitalisation of the economy and companies, this has resulted in companies becoming modern-day oil fields. Forte Data wants to help build the tools and lead the expertise so that companies and individuals can make informed profitable and informed decisions. Forte Data is perfectly placed to ensure that third party data can be easily linked to internal data giving companies the tools to ensure that they make the best decisions possible.

As companies have evolved there has been a realisation that all companies need to become technology companies. Domino’s Pizza CEO Patrick Doyle in 2018 said that Dominos Pizza is "A Tech Company That Sells Pizza". This mindset means that a company is able to think of their business ready for the 21st Century, compete not only on a local level but in a global way. 

Forte Data uses Power Bi and Tableau as business intelligence tools to help companies and individuals visualise and analyse not only one dataset but as many datasets that can be linked together. Forte Data has started the process that will allow users to begin their data journey or enhance the current one that they are on.